Below, you'll find a list of books and articles that are recommended by various members, along with comments to highlight the value of the material.

Recommended Book/Article Member School Division Comments/Review
Feifer, S.G. (2019). The Neuropsychology of Stress & Trauma: How to Develop a Trauma Informed School. Middletown, MD: School Neuropsych Press. Ron Teffaine N/A This is a great book for developing an understanding of how trauma from adverse childhood experiences affects the brain, human functioning, and even test performance.  It provides practical ideas on how to implement a trauma-informed school, including evidence-based interventions and accommodations.
Packer, L.E. & Pruitt, S.K. (2010).  Challenging Kids, Challenged Teachers: Teaching Students with Tourette's, Bipolar Disorder, Executive Dysfunction, OCD, ADHD, and More.  Portland, OR: Woodbine House.

Sherri Smart Hanover This book has teacher-friendly overviews. 
Robinson, D.J. (2016).  The Mental Status Exam - Explained (3rd. Ed.). Rapid Psychler Press.

Chris Franz Borderland This inexpensive book can help with prioritizing mental health observations and questions during interviewing so that you can write better narratives in reports and facilitate diagnoses.