Present:  Ron Teffaine, Suzanne Robert, April Buchanan , Adeline Forrester, Mike Hogan, Suzanne Golden, Vivianna Sonnenschein


Ron also demonstrated an innovative new test called the DANVA2, which can be used to help diagnose and assess the effects of NLD, Asperger's Disorder, EBD, etc.  This test helps to assess a  student's ability to read the emotions (high & low intensities) associated with different facial expressions across male and female faces.  It also measures a student's ability to detect the type of emotion associated with voice tones.  Excel scoring templates were also presented to help score the software results.

Vivianna, a new member to our group from Argentina, told us that special needs children there are still segregated.  Other students must pass standards exams or risk grade retention, unlike here in Canada, where we try to avoid retention and its potential deleterious effects.  We appreciate her attendance and her willingness to share her knowledge about Argentina's education system.  It is helpful to gain an international perspective.