Present:  Ron Teffaine, Dale Laird, Bill Stevens, Mary Markesteyn, Suzanne Robert, Suzanne Golden, Nelson Fry, Sandra McMullen , Adeline Forrester, Jeremy Davidson, Ang Broadfoot, Colleen Doerksen, Carla Betker, Neil Butchard, Bob Spencler

 Meeting Minutes

1.  Purpose - Your team must decide what the plan should accomplish.
2.  Background - This is an important component for school psychologists, because it involves conducting an assessment to understand the function of the maladaptive behaviours.  It involves observation, interviews, family history, etc.  It is important to look for triggers.
3.  Critical Programming Needs These are not the student's needs.  
4.  System Needs - Social Learning;  Personal/Emotional;  System
5.  Interventions - Proactive  vs.  Reactive
 6.  Supports - for each environment (e.g., home and school)
7.  Outcomes